FoR aLL the AmazingLy WondeRfuL MoMs...

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Before we even became moms to our own children, we were once the child of our own respective mothers.

Years back, have we, even just for a moment, ever thought of how much we have loved by our moms and how much they have done for us?!

Had we reminded ourselves then, that inside her womb, she carried us, she nourished us? That on the day she gave birth, she lay on deathbed, grimacing in pain and with superhuman courage and endurance, delivered us into this world?

And even though we were breathing on our own, somehow having the independence, we’re never really truly apart from her. She continued to pamper us with care, and encompassed us with her warmth and understanding. Day in and day out, she toiled to help us be strong in all aspects of life and somehow attained the totality of being a righteous individual.

A mother’s love is a parasol in the pouring rain, a warm blanket on a cold, chilly night, or a soothing cool breeze in a hot and humid afternoon.

A mother is always there to lend a helping hand.

When we soar to greater heights and take hold of our dreams, wouldn’t our mom be there to rejoice with us?

But when we lose our grip and stumble, wouldn’t she be always ready to break our fall?

And when we were down and sad, wouldn’t she be the first to shed a tear?

All thru her life, she is there for us with her un-relentless counsel and support.

BUT, AGAIN, have we ever stopped for a while, and looked her in the eye, and whisper to her, that we appreciate her love, and that we do LOVE her also?

If not, I guess it’s never too late…

We may not repay nor will equal the love she has given, but we can always appreciate and treasure it. Let us immortalize our mother’s love in our hearts…

In fact, we are even blessed that we can do a lot of ways to do so…

WE are MOMs now after all…

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