Building Self-Confidence and Self-Worth to a Child

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Being mothers, we play a great role in raising our kids with confidence and self-worth. From “I’ll be the parent, you be the kid” by Paul Kropp, he has pointed out the following guidelines on how parents can help their kids in building confidence and self-worth.


  • Include your child in what you're doing. Let the child yearn from experience. Remember that not every nail in the deck has to be straight.
  • Don’t set the hurdles too high – kids must learn to build a bird-house before they tackle a grandfather clock.
  • Don’t rescue too soon – give your child a chance to feel honest frustration first.Make sure there are challenges outside the home – Scouts, swimming teams, music lessons.
  • Within reason, praise the final results. When you can see in your children’s eyes that they think something is good, put it up on the metaphorical fridge.


  • Pay attention to what your child does and says – you don’t necessarily have to agree, but you do have to listen.
  • Find plenty of time to work together on projects, keeping the child’s abilities in mind.
  • Remember that activity and success build the self, not false praise.

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As a mom, it's sometimes hard to remember all of these things when it's so easy to "push" our children to be and do something. Thanks for the reminder. :-)'ve definitely been added to my google reader...look forward to reading more from you!

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