A Simple Pause Can Make A Difference

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There comes a point in our lives that we need a pause from all that’s happening; from all that we do in routine; from all that we encompasses as days go by. Being a mother and a homemaker is not an easy responsibility after all.

As moms, we touch our kid’s lives, trying our best to give them all that they need to have a better life. We guide them to become the most passionate and good-hearted person that they can be. We nourish them with much love and affection to grow up with passion and positive outlook towards life and their journey.

As homemakers, we make sure that everything in the family is in order. We are trying everyday to be the superwoman that we could be. We organize things in such a way that every member of the family would be in their utmost comfort. We make sure to make each day a healthy and happy day for everyone around us.

But, what if there comes a point when we feel that every thing we do seem not good enough? As if, our day is not much of a typical day without any stress in it? As if we feel that we are not giving the best shot in all our duties and that not all are into its proper places?

At times like these, we need to pause for a while -- just a pause -- to recharge ourselves of all the emotions and feelings that we are trying to convey to others. Just a very short break to think only of ourselves, and nothing else. We can’t give something that we don’t have. And we can’t touch other’s lives by not touching our own.

Our heart beats to its finest when we don’t rush doing things but instead, moving on with life with calmness and moderate phase. Our muscles function to its best as well when we don’t push so hard on things even beyond what it can actually capable of.

There are times when we best enjoy life by embracing it as it is. Sometimes, it's better to have a sit with your hubby and kids, make sharing time together, have a blast of laughter over shallow things, or play crazy game with wacky themes as a family, than trying so hard to make a difference in this world – thinking the "how"s and the "must"s of life, then getting back on realities and finding ourselves saddened once again on how the world became chaotic, or thinking whether or not our children in the next years to come can still breath (or would even know by experience the definition of) a single fresh air.

Amidst all that's happening, life in general is still the most beautiful journey of all. It is still a special gift from the Creator that we received. It's still the greatest novel and the best-selling book of all time. There are still so much blank pages to fill in -- Let's be the best author that we can be, and make each page heart-warming and enjoyable to read.

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