A Crossroad: Make Your Choice

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Why can't someone be pessimistic when things get worse not because people can't do anything about it but rather some are doing something to worsen it? And how can't he be cynical when somewhere along the line, situations laid on the table are solidifying facts of how things really work... To what should someone base his judgment? To where should people cling their values? To whom should a person pattern his perspective? Most may say, "DUH! who cares?!"

This isn't naive years anymore, when all seem so easy and living is as simple as strolling in the park... This isn't a baby's routine either, wherein a bottle of milk can pacify hunger, or a diaper change can soothe irritation. The fact that people live in this world means having to equip themselves with steel armor to survive. Even the basic needs like water and air have lost its purity due to mankind's cruelty. The world, given as supposedly free human residence, has turned into a very huge waste container. Too bad, there are still unborn generations who will about to reside on this haven. Apparently, this is not heaven -- not yet.

Whether or not to continue the risk of losing all that has freely given to mankind depends on each individual's choice. A choice to continue its destruction or to begin its rehabilitation. Whether or not to possess positivism in thought and in deed also depends on one's freewill. A choice to be righteous or to greed. A choice to be humane or to be cruel. A choice between heaven and hell...

If not for a person's sincere and genuine effort to stay upright beyond every evil encounter; If not for his conscious effort to uphold the truth amidst one's worldly being; If not for his firmness to his positive grounds despite every compulsive instinct... who can possibly be godly?

No one is perfect and it may be impossible to undo what has done. But there is still hope to make this world a better place to live and to be better individuals... As long as people have the freewill to decide, as long as there are still options to choose from, as long as people still breath, making things better is not too late...

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